Tokuko Haraguchi

Publication 2016~2017

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Remodeling the Specificity of an Endosomal CORVET Tether Underlies Formation of RegulatedSecretory Vesicles in the Ciliate Tetrahymena thermophila.
Curr Biol. 2018 Mar 5;28(5):697-710.e13
Pubmed ID: 29478853
2.Itoh G, Ikeda M, Iemura K, Amin MA, Kuriyama S, Tanaka M, Mizuno N, Osakada H, Haraguchi T, Tanaka K.
Lateral attachment of kinetochores to microtubules is enriched in prometaphase rosette and facilitates chromosome alignment and bi-orientation establishment.
Sci Rep. ,2018 Mar 1;8(1):3888.
Pubmed ID: 29497093
3.Asakawa H, Hiraoka Y, Haraguchi T.
Estimation of GFP-Nucleoporin Amount Based on Fluorescence Microscopy.
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Pubmed ID: 29423851
4.Tsuchiya M, Ogawa H, Koujin T, Mori C, Osakada H, Kobayashi S, Hiraoka Y, Haraguchi T.
p62/SQSTM1 promotes rapid ubiquitin conjugation to target proteins after endosome rupture during xenophagy.
FEBS Open Bio , 2018 Jan 23. doi: 10.1002/2211-5463.12385
5.Hirano Y, Kinugasa Y, Asakawa H, Chikashige Y, Obuse C, Haraguchi T, Hiraoka Y.
Lem2 is retained at the nuclear envelope through its interaction with Bqt4 in fission yeast.
Genes Cells. , 2018 Jan 2.
Pubmed ID: 29292846
6.Iwamoto M, Hiraoka Y, Haraguchi T.
Newly found Tetrahymena nucleoporins, Nup214, Nup153 and Pom121/Pom82, differentiate nuclear pore complexes of functionally distinct nuclei.
Commun Integrat Biol. , 2017, Nov 03
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Pubmed ID: 28398483
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Compositionally distinct nuclear pore complexes of functionally distinct dimorphic nuclei in ciliate Tetrahymena.
J. Cell Sci.,2017
Pubmed ID: 28386019
9.Kaur H, Sparvoli D, Osakada H, Iwamoto M, Haraguchi T, Turkewitz AP.
A late endosomal syntaxin and the AP-3 complex are required for formation and maturation of lysosome-related secretory organelles (mucocysts) in Tetrahymena thermophila .
Mol. Biol. Cell.,2017 April 5.
Pubmed ID: 28381425
10.Chikashige Y, Yamane M, Okamasa K, Osakada H, Tsutsumi C, Nagahama Y, Fukuta N, Haraguchi T, Hiraoka Y.
Fission yeast APC/C activators Slp1 and Fzr1 sequentially trigger two consecutive nuclear divisions during meiosis.
FEBS Lett.,2017 Feb 28.
Pubmed ID: 28245054
11. Yang HJ, Osakada H, Kojidani T, Haraguchi T, Hiraoka Y.
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Pubmed ID: 27766670 
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15. Kobayashi S, Iwamoto M, Haraguchi T.
Live correlative light-electron microscopy to observe molecular dynamics in high resolution.
Microscopy (Oxf). ,2016 Aug;65(4):296-308.
Pubmed ID: 27385786
16. Gómez-Saldivar G, Fernandez A, Hirano Y, Mauro M, Lai A, Ayuso C, Haraguchi T, Hiraoka Y, Piano F, Askjaer P.
Identification of Conserved MEL-28/ELYS Domains with Essential Roles in Nuclear Assembly and Chromosome Segregation
PLoS Genet, 2016
Pubmed ID: 27341616
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Genes Cells,2016 Aug;21(8):812-32.
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Interphase adhesion geometry is transmitted to an internal regulator for spindle orientation via caveolin-1.
Nat Commun, 2016
Pubmed ID: 27292265

Publication 2013~2015

1. Iwamoto, M., Hiraoka, Y., Haraguchi, T.
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A nucleoporin that facilitates meiotic kinetochore reorganization
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12. Kobayashi, S., Haraguchi, T.
A novel pathway to detect and cope with exogenous dsDNA
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(web :
13. Ruan, K., Yamamoto, T. G., Asakawa, H., Chikashige, Y., Kimura, H., Masukata, H., Haraguchi, T., and Hiraoka, Y.
Histone H4 acetylation required for chromatin decompaction during DNA replication
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BAF is a cytosolic DNA sensor that leads to exogenous DNA avoiding autophagy
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2015
Pubmed ID: 25991860
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17. Iwamoto, M., Koujin, T., Osakada, H., Mori, C., Kojidani, T., Matsuda, A., Asakawa, H., Hiraoka, Y., and Haraguchi, T.
Biased assembly of the nuclear pore complex is required for somatic and germline nuclear differentiation in Tetrahymena
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Deficiency of a lipid droplet protein, perilipin 5, suppresses myocardial lipid accumulation, thereby preventing type 1 diabetes-induced heart malfunction
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Puromycin resistance gene as an effective selection marker for ciliate Tetrahymena
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The role of chromosomal retention of noncoding RNA in meiosis
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