Tetsuya Hori

1. Nagpal, H., Hori, T., Furukawa, A., Sugase, K., Osakabe, A., Kurumizaka, H., and Fukagawa, T.
Dynamic change of CCAN organization during cell-cycle progression
Mol Biol Cell, in press
2. Perpelescu, M., Hori, T., Toyoda, A., Misu, S., Monma, N., Ikeo, K., Obuse, C., Fujiyama, A., and Fukagawa, T.
HJURP is involved in the expansion of centromeric chromatin
Mol Biol Cell 26, 2742-2754, 2015
Pubmed ID: 26063729
3. Takeuchi, K., Nishino, T., Mayanagi, K., Horikoshi, N., Osakabe, A., Tachiwana, H., Hori, T., Kurumizaka, H., and Fukagawa, T.
The centromeric nucleosome-like CENP-T-W-S-X complex induces positive supercoils into DNA
Nucleic Acids Res 42, 1644-1655, 2014
Pubmed ID: 24234442
4. Kagawa, N., Hori, T., Hoki, Y., Hosoya, O., Tsutsui, K., Saga, Y., Sado, T., and Fukagawa, T.
The CENP-O complex requirement varies among different cell types
Chromosome Res 22, 293-303, 2014
Pubmed ID: 24481920
5. Hori, T., Shang, W. H., Toyoda, A., Misu, S., Monma, N., Ikeo, K., Molina, O., Vargiu, G., Fujiyama, A., Kimura, H., Earnshaw, W. C., and Fukagawa, T.
Histone H4 Lys 20 monomethylation of the CENP-A nucleosome is essential for kinetochore assembly
Dev Cell 29, 740-749, 2014
Pubmed ID: 24960696
6. Kikuchi, K., Narita, T., Pham, V. T., Iijima, J., Hirota, K., Keka, I. S., Mohiuddin, Okawa, K., Hori, T., Fukagawa, T., Essers, J., Kanaar, R., Whitby, M. C., Sugasawa, K., Taniguchi, Y., Kitagawa, K., and Takeda, S.
Structure-specific endonucleases xpf and mus81 play overlapping but essential roles in DNA repair by homologous recombination
Cancer Res 73, 4362-4371, 2013
Pubmed ID: 23576554

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