Masaaki Kai

1. Yasmin, H., Kabashima, T., Rahman, M. S., Shibata, T., and Kai, M.
Amplified and selective assay of collagens by enzymatic and fluorescent reactions
Sci Rep 4, 4950, 2014
Pubmed ID:4018762 24821501
2. Baj, S., Krawczyk, T., Pradel, N., Azam, M. G., Shibata, T., Dragusha, S., Skutil, K., Pawlyta, M., and Kai, M.
Carbon nanofiber-based luminol-biotin probe for sensitive chemiluminescence detection of protein
Anal Sci 30, 1051-1056, 2014
Pubmed ID: 25382040

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