Masaaki Sugiyama

1.Kato D, Osakabe A, Arimura Y, Mizukami Y, Horikoshi N, Saikusa K,Akashi S, Nishimura Y, Park S.Y.,Nogami J, Maehara K, Ohkawa Y, Matsumoto A, Kono H, Inoue R, Sugiyama M, Kurumizaka H.
Crystal structure of the overlapping dinucleosome composed of hexasome and octasome.
Science, 2017
Pubmed ID: 28408607  
2. Sugiyama, M., Horikoshi, N., Suzuki, Y., Taguchi, H., Kujirai, T., Inoue, R., Oba, Y., Sato, N., Martel, A., Porcar, L., Kurumizaka, H.
Solution structure of variant H2A.Z.1 nucleosome investigated by small-angle X-ray and neutron scatterings
Biochem Biophys Rep. 4, 28–32, 2015
3. Sugiyama, M., Arimura, Y., Shirayama, K., Fujita, R., Oba, Y., Sato, N., Inoue, R., Oda, T., Sato, M., Heenan, R. K., and Kurumizaka, H.
Distinct features of the histone core structure in nucleosomes containing the histone H2A.B variant
Biophys J106, 2206-2213, 2014
Pubmed ID: 24853749

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