Makio Tokunaga

1. Yamazaki, S., Yamamoto, K., Tokunaga, M., Sakata-Sogawa, K., and Harata, M.
Nuclear actin activates human transcription factor genes including the OCT4 gene
Biosci Biotechnol Biochem 79, 242-246, 2015
Pubmed ID: 25355676
2. Stasevich, T. J., Hayashi-Takanaka, Y., Sato, Y., Maehara, K., Ohkawa, Y., Sakata-Sogawa, K., Tokunaga, M., Nagase, T., Nozaki, N., McNally, J. G., and Kimura, H.
Regulation of RNA polymerase II activation by histone acetylation in single living cells
Nature 516, 272-275, 2014
Pubmed ID: 25252976
3. Ito, Y., Sakata-Sogawa, K., and Tokunaga, M.
A facile preparation of glass-supported lipid bilayers for analyzing molecular dynamics
Anal Sci 30, 1103-1106, 2014
Pubmed ID: 25492457
4. Asakawa, H., Yang, H. J., Yamamoto, T. G., Ohtsuki, C., Chikashige, Y., Sakata-Sogawa, K., Tokunaga, M., Iwamoto, M., Hiraoka, Y., and Haraguchi, T.
Characterization of nuclear pore complex components in fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Nucleus 5, 149-162, 2014
Pubmed ID: 24637836

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